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How L-Arginine Gel Works

The body uses L-arginine to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a critical actor at the cellular level. One of its effects is to relax constricted blood vessels. When L-arginine Gel is rubbed onto the skin, the local capillaries absorb the L-arginine, and relax the vessels, increasing blood flow. This causes the applied area to "warm up".

  • L-arginine is a vaso diacator.
  • l-arginine increases blood flow to all of the major organs.
  • Lubricant is for woman but can also be used by men.
  • A great product for woman experiencing low lebido.
  • Helps Erectile Dysfunction Suffers.

The ingredient L-arginine also prevents or decreases neuropathy, which is damage to a nerve or nerve group, which results in loss of sensation of that nerve. L-arginine Gel serves to reduce neuropathy and maximize sensation.

Is L-arginine Gel Safe?

L-arginine Gel offers a safe and natural way to give your sex life a "jump-start". L-arginine Gel is gentle, using only the purest, highest quality ingredients. In fact we test the quality and potency of every ingredient that enters our facility. This breakthrough product revolutionizes female sexual arousal, safely.

Why Gel Is Most Effective

L-arginine Gel does what no pill can do. Our bodies absorb only 10% of what is taken orally in pill form. Compare that to an average of 60% absorption rate from products used topically. Not all parts of the body absorb equally. The genital area, for example, absorbs 99% of the nutrients applied by a topical Gel, making l-arginine Gel powerful and extremely effective.

Studies have shown that the genital area absorbs up to 11 times more than the palm, when gel was applied. Keep this in mind when using L-arginine Gel. Place an amount no larger than a dime to the clitoris and enjoy.

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