L-arginine Creme
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Make Those Intimate Encounters More Enjoyable

L-arginine Gel uses a formula that has demonstrated improved blood flow to the applied areas. By improving blood flow to erogenous zones there is an increase in sensitivity, which positively influences arousal. Women with functional difficulties can achieve greater control and more enjoyment with this gentle, safe and effective formula.

If You're a Woman Who Wants More

In a matter of seconds after L-arginine Gel is applied to the clitoris, a warming sensation is experienced that increases sensitivity and enhances sexual pleasure. This results in an intense intimate experience with incredible orgasm. L-arginine Gel can give you the sexual power and pleasure you demand.

L-arginine Gel is Better

Our bodies absorb only 10% of what is taken orally in pill form. Compare that to an average of 60% absorption rate from topical use.

L-arginine Gel:

  • Enhances the intensity of orgasm
  • Intensifies Arousal
  • Helps Achieve Incredible Sexual Pleasure

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